Iowa has withdrawn the 1332 waiver application for the Iowa Stopgap Measure.

Iowans should now seek coverage from the last remaining carrier, Medica, through the ACA individual health insurance market at during open enrollment from November 1 – December 15. Medica is offering plans in all of Iowa’s 99 counties, but the plan offered by Medica will depend on the county the consumer lives in. For more information on the plans visit

Iowa Stopgap Measure

The Iowa Stopgap Measure was a short-term solution to bring stability for Iowans dealing with the effects of the collapsing commercial individual health insurance market due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Due to the ACA being unworkable and the inflexibility of the ACA's 1332 waiver process, Iowa has withdrawn our waiver for the Iowa Stopgap Measure.

Press Release:

Iowa to withdraw stopgap measure from federal consideration